Welcome to our exclusive and New product for 2020, with over 5 years in the making we are finally able to provide some one off unique products that have gone through some vigorous testing and some design challenges.

We introduce our very own Project Adapt "AKA" Adapt Freestyle Products, What originally set out to be a bit of fun soon turned out to be a complete mission to see if our take on a four wheeled longboard Scooter would actually work. To our amazement it does and we feel we have brought something new that introduces fun experiment features and most importantly a full interaction of customisation which is endless.

Not only have we brought to market its very own Hybrid Longboard Scooter we have Adapted the original version to full electric - that's right ELECTRIC!!!!!!!!

Brush less motors 36v Lithium Batteries with Blue tooth Controller with the capabilities of Regenerative charging with a top speed of just short of 30mph with a range of approx 18miles this little product is set to give one hell of a punch, Still under development and we hope to one day provide kits but its 100% possible and most items can be obtained and adapted with online products.

Our launch of the standard Push Scooters will set a platform ready for when you want to go electric its sure is a interesting task that will keep your invention skills active.

For now please check out our Custom scooter now available to purchase via the links below.

We hope you like our product and hope you have the same fun we had making it - We introduce to you our very own ScooterCruz. 

Click on the picture below to order yours now.